Boxer Dogs


Boxers are a medium sized short haired dog. Boxers are descendants of British bulldogs, but are much easier going than their counter parts. Boxers come in either a fawn or brindle (marble like) colours, with a white bib between their legs. Boxers are prone to diseases such as cancer or heart conditions. In fact cancer accounts for up to 40% of all boxers deaths. They tend to develop problems later on in life, around the age of 8. Boxers can expect to live up to 11-14 years of age.

Male boxers can grow up to 63cm tall and weigh 25-32kgs , females are smaller and are around 60cm tall. Boxers are very loyal animals but can be distrustful to strangers. They are high energy dogs, and will almost certainly need to be walked every day if they don’t have a large area to roam around during the day.

Because of their noted courage boxer dogs are often used as working dogs in the security sector. Boxers do make great guard dogs.

They tend to have litter sizes of between 2-10, and 6 is average.


Updated on October 9, 2020
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