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Irish microchip databases

There are 4 DAFM (Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine) approved microchip databases. These are:

If you have a dog in Ireland it is a legal requirement that your dog is listed on one of these databases. All of these databases share details with EuroPetNet about your registration status. This allows lost & found dogs to be easily identified across Europe.

To sell a dog or to have a dog in your possession over the age of 12 weeks that’s not on one of these databases is breaking the law. You can learn about how to check the status your microchip here. The majority of the laws about microchipping are set out in S.I. No. 63/2015 – Microchipping of Dogs Regulations 2015 (MODR 2015) [link].

Important: It is not enough to have your dog microchipped, the 2nd part, having it fully registered in your name, is also part of the requirement and is just as important. If a puppy was to get out and be found there wouldn’t be an easy way to find you and to reunite you. The first registered owner is the breeder.

DAFM approved microchip databases

In a 2016 press release Minister Micheal Creed announced the new microchip measures and the approved databases. You can view the full press release here https://www.agriculture.gov.ie/press/pressreleases/2016/december/title,104581,en.html

… the Minister noted that there are currently four authorised databases: Animark, Fido, The Irish Coursing Club and The Irish Kennel Club. An authorised database must provide a certificate which indicates the owner and provides a form for changes of ownership to be registered. Buyers and sellers are also required to indicate that they have verified the identity of the person they are dealing with. Commenting on this, the Minister said “If details are not correctly kept up to date, you will remain legally responsible for a dog you may have sold. This will encourage people to ensure registered details are up to date. ”

All 4 of these synchronise their data at least daily with EuroPetNet. Being part of EuroPetNet is part of the MODR 2015 requirements. Schedule 1, 1.1

1.1 A dog identification database operator must be a full member of europetnet.

MODR 2015

What if my dog is not listed on these databases

If your dog is not on one of the 4 approved databases (Animark, Fido, IKC or Irish Coursing Club) you can easily transfer it to an approved one. There is generally a small administration cost involved with this, less than €20 per microchip.

Learn about checking your microchip status.

Registering on multiple databases

Quite frequently one or other microchip database may have processing delays. These delays can be just due to the inherent postal delay, vets batching sending registrations in or just due to seasonal volume. It is possible and legal to have your dog registered on multiple databases at the same time. In the case you dog has been imported it may also show a foreign registration. In the case that your dog is registered on multiple databases we recommend you request to get all registration papers for each database its registered on.

A microchip, with the number partially obscured that’s registered with both the IKC and Fido

In some instances for IKC registrations, it’s typically to see a Fido or Animark registration date first, which could be done by your vet, and a further registration when the IKC processes the application you mail into them. If you have your dog registered on multiple databases, it’s important that you keep the details up to date on all systems.

Transferring a microchip

There are two main reasons why you would want to transfer a microchip registration to another database

  1. it’s still in the previous owners name, or
  2. it’s registered on a non-Irish database.

There may be other corner cases, but we want to cover the 95%.

Transferring a microchip to be in your name

If your dog is not in your name, you will need to complete a transfer before you can sell the dog. If the dog was to get out today, the database wouldn’t have your contact details to return the dog to you.

IMPORTANT: If the dog is not in your name then you cannot advertise it on dogs.ie.

Transferring to an Irish database

If your dog is not with one of the 4 approved databases, you will need to initiate a transfer / new registration. All dogs need to be on at least one Irish database, this includes

  • All dogs prior to being sold (or listed for sale)
  • All dogs being of age 12 weeks or older
  • All imported dogs must be registered within 21 days of being imported into Ireland (or being sold in Ireland)

These are legal requirements, fines and penalties can be issued for failure to follow these laws.

How to transfer / register

Here are some links to the approved Irish databases and to start a registration / transfer. As there is some administration involved, there is typically a charge:

  • Animarkanimark.ie/register – cost €10.00
  • Fido – cost €15.00
  • IKCRegistration forms :
    • Form 18 – Registration of a litter – cost €22.00 per puppy
    • Form OS1 – Registration of overseas dog – cost €33.00

This generally takes 3-5 business days, and subsequently your registration will appear on EuroPetNet if it didn’t appear before. In all cases a certificate will be issued once this is completed. The certificate contains the information about what needs to be done to perform a transfer to the next new owner.

Can I use X database ?

There are a number of databases they do not fall under the regulations as being approved by the Irish government. These are the most prevalent ones are we see:

The quick answer to this is, NO you cannot use any of these registries as your only microchip registration location. Some of these are UK databases affiliated with EuroPetNet, and some of them are just independent databases that are not synchronised with any 3rd party system or may share with non-affiliated ones like petmaxx.com. Your dog can be on multiple databases at the same time, and it will still need to be on at least one of the approved Irish databases as well.

Can I buy my own microchips ?

Again no, as a lay person, you cannot buy a microchip directly and implant your own dog with a microchip.

Websites that list microchips for sale include:

These websites should only sell to licensed vets and registered lay implanters.

Can I use a UK microchip database?

Again the quick answer is NO. For example if you are living in the North or on the boarder, it’s possible that your vet may use one UK approved microchipping databases. If you are living in the Republic of Ireland you will also need to register your dogs on an Irish one as well. Here are the 15 databases that are approved for UK use.

If you’ve bought a dog that’s registered in the North, you will also need to register them on an Irish database that’s been approved by the Irish government. As of today there are only 4 that you can use (these are listed at the top of the help article).

Updated on February 6, 2024
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  1. I have moved address from Eire to the UK and wish to register my dog with PetLog in the Uk. Could you please advise me on how to do this. Many thanks. Patricia

  2. I need to change my dogs microchip into my details
    How do I go about this ?

  3. Hi Jane, on the microchip certificate there is information about how you can update the details. This information would also be on their websites.

  4. That’s is very hard to register puppys front northern ireland to republic ireland 😮‍💨

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