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Colours for ads

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and when it comes to colour, it’s no different. The current list of selectable colours for your ad is listed below. There are currently 25 different colours you can select for your breed.

Note: Some breeds may have breed specific colour names that may not be available, e.g. Great Danes & Harlequin colour, if this is the case for your dog you can select the closest colour from the list available and clarify this in the ad description.

List of selectable colours (25)

Colours can be selected per dog.

Apricot Golden
Black Light Grey / Brown (Lilac / Isabella)
Black / TanRed
Black / WhiteRed / White
Blue (Kerry / Merle / Roan) Sable
Brindle Salt / Pepper
BrownSilver / Grey
Brown / Tan Tan / White
Brown / White Tricolor (Brown / Black / White)
Chocolate Wheaten
Cream White
Dark Chocolate Yellow
Dogs.ie list of selectable colours

Dog with unusual colours or coats

Several dog breeds are known for their unique or unusual coat colours and patterns. These distinct appearances can range from rare colour variations to unique patterns that are specific to certain breeds. Generally official organisations like the FCI or the IKC (www.ikc.ie) have strict lists of qualifying colours for their registration, dogs may fail to be pedigree registered if they are born with non-standard colours.

We love trivia, here are some breeds with notably unique colours or coats:

  1. Australian Shepherd: Known for their merle pattern, which can create a mottled blend of colours in their coat, including blue merle and red merle. Their eyes can also be strikingly unique, with possibilities including blue, green, amber, or even heterochromia (two different coloured eyes).
  2. Weimaraner: These dogs are famous for their beautiful, silver-gray coat, sometimes referred to as “mouse-gray” or even “blue,” making them stand out among dog breeds. Their coats are short, smooth, and have a unique sheen.
  3. Dalmatian: Recognised for their iconic white coats with black or liver spots, Dalmatians are one of the most easily recognisable breeds due to this distinct pattern. The spots are randomly distributed and vary in size. For Dalmatians you can select Black & White.
  4. Brindle: While not a breed itself, the brindle pattern is a unique coat colour characterised by tiger-stripe or patchy patterns of dark hair over a lighter base. Breeds like Boxers, Greyhounds, and French Bulldogs can exhibit this striking pattern.
  5. Xoloitzcuintli (Mexican Hairless Dog): This breed is unique not because of its coat color but because it’s one of the few breeds that can be almost completely hairless, with skin that can be black, gray, bronze, or even a pinkish color. There is also a coated variety that has a short, smooth coat.
  6. Chinese Crested: Another breed that comes in a hairless variety, the Chinese Crested can have soft, human-like skin in a range of colours, from pale flesh to black. Hairless Cresteds have tufts of hair on their heads, tails, and ankles, known as “furnishings.”
  7. Bergamasco Shepherd: Known for its unique “flocked” coat, which consists of three different types of hair that mat together to form felt-like cords. This provides them with protection against the elements and predators.
  8. Puli: Famous for its long, corded coat resembling dreadlocks, the Puli’s coat can come in several colors, including black, gray, and white. The cords form naturally as the breed matures.
  9. Catahoula Leopard Dog: Known for their striking, often multi-colored or “leopard” spotted coat and varied eye colors, including blue, green, brown, or heterochromia. Their coat colors can range from merle to solid, adding to their uniqueness.
Updated on February 21, 2024

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