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Pausing your dog sale ad ⏸️

It’s possible to pause your ad, for example if you want to avoid calls on a particular day or weekend. You can achieve this by closing the ad and reopening it at a later stage. Pausing an ad is a temporary action that suspends the ad’s display and prevents it from being shown on dogs.ie. You can pause your ad seamlessly by taking following these steps:

1. Visit My Sale Ads page https://dogs.ie/my-ads/for-sale once you are logged in. And find the open ad under “Active Ads

2. Click “Close Ad” and confirm

3. Wait as long as you need your ad to be paused. You can reopen the ad as long as there is time still on your ad.

4. Visit your “Inactive Adshttps://dogs.ie/my-ads/for-sale once you are logged in

5. Click “Reopen Ad” and confirm

6. Done. Your ad will now again appear in the “Active Ads” section, and live again on the website.

Note: Pausing your ad only removes it from the website. The number of days your ad is available still decreases, e.g. if you have 20 days left and you pause your ad for 5 days, when you reopen it you will have 15 days left, unless you bump your ad.

Updated on July 20, 2023
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