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Pet Insurance companies

There are a few suppliers of dog insurance and puppy insurance that we’ve come across in the past. It’s worth noting that all of these providers offer something slightly different, so it’s always best to read their policies and compare them side by side. Also be aware, as your dog ages, the cost of your dog insurance is likely to increase, it’s generally cheaper to have a policy from when the dog is a puppy, rather than trying to get pet insurance for an adult dog.

Dog getting medicine

Types of dog insurance

Remember that some of the insurances differences could include:

  • coverage for dental work
  • coverage for dogs only under a certain age
  • kennel costs should you get ill
  • the cost of offering a reward should your dog go missing
  • pet liability (if they run out on to the road and cause an accident)
  • full / partial coverage for veterinary bills & medication
  • etc, etc.

Make sure to read those terms and conditions carefully!

Irish dog insurers

Please see https://dogs.ie/insurance for more information about Irish pet insurance companies.

Your own insurance broker might also be able to organise pet insurance for you, along with your home insurances or car insurances for a bigger discount.

History of pet insurance in Ireland

The Irish market has a small number of players, some of them even own multiple brands of insurance. Some insurers are no longer in operation, like Tesco Ireland. They used to offer insurance policies for pets, but now it seems like it’s owned or offered through RSA. There was talk of Argos offering pet insurance, but this again seems to be offered through the RSA Group, although it doesn’t seem to be launched quite yet.

Note: You should always check that your insurer is authorised and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

Updated on March 2, 2023
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