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Selling a pregnant dog

Note: Dogs.ie does not accept ads for pregnant dogs.

Pregnancy is an incredibly taxing period for all female dogs, both physically and emotionally. During this time, it is crucial to provide the expectant mother with a stable and nurturing environment to ensure her well-being and that of her unborn puppies. Selling a pregnant dog can have numerous negative consequences, as it exposes the mother to additional stressors that could potentially harm her and her litter. The decision to breed dogs is not one that should be taken likely. Here we outline some further reasons for this policy of not allowing pregnant dogs to be listed for sale.

1) Unstable environment

One of the primary concerns when selling a pregnant dog is the upheaval it causes in her life. Relocating to a new home, adapting to different owners, and acclimating to an unfamiliar environment can all contribute to heightened stress levels for the mother. During the gestation period of approximately 9 weeks, then whelping and early life, these added stress can not only affect her overall health but also potentially lead to complications during pregnancy and delivery.

What does whelping mean ? Whelping, also known as giving birth, is the process by which a female dog delivers her puppies. The key stages of whelping include the preparatory stage, where the mother experiences uterine contractions and her body temperature drops, signalling that labor is imminent. Next is the first stage of labour, during which the mother may become restless, pant, or nest as her cervix dilates and contractions intensify. The second stage of labor involves the actual delivery of the puppies, with the mother pushing each puppy out, typically enclosed in a thin membrane called the amniotic sac. After each puppy is born, the mother will instinctively break the sac, clean the puppy, and sever the umbilical cord. The final stage of labour, also known as the third stage, involves the expulsion of the placenta for each puppy. Throughout the whelping process, it is crucial to monitor the mother and her puppies closely to ensure their health and well-being.

2) Experience with pregnant bitches

Another significant concern is the competence and experience of a prospective buyer. Caring for a pregnant dog and her subsequent litter requires a specialised skill set and knowledge base that not every dog owner possesses. Each breed has its own unique characteristics and requirements when it comes to whelping and raising puppies. Selling a pregnant dog to someone who lacks breed-specific knowledge and experience can result in suboptimal care for the mother and her puppies, potentially leading to health issues or even fatalities.

Furthermore, the decision to breed dogs should never be taken lightly. Responsible breeding involves careful consideration of factors such as genetic health, temperament, and the overall well-being of the animals involved. Selling a pregnant dog to an inexperienced or ill-prepared buyer may inadvertently contribute to irresponsible breeding practices, which can perpetuate health issues, behavioral problems, and overpopulation within the breed. This not only has negative consequences for the individual dogs involved but also for the breed as a whole.

Mother feeding her puppies

Moreover, the sale of a pregnant dog raises ethical concerns. It is essential to prioritise the welfare of the mother and her unborn puppies above any financial gain. Selling a pregnant dog may inadvertently place her and her litter in a situation where their needs are not adequately met, which is not only unfair to the animals but also potentially harmful to their long-term health and well-being.

Furthermore, it could be seen that selling a pregnant dog for sale is being opportunistic, and a way to increase any sale price of a dog to make the opportunity to buy a certain dog more attractive.

3) Prioritise the pregnant bitch

In conclusion, selling a pregnant dog is not a responsible or ethical course of action. The potential risks to the mother and her unborn puppies, coupled with the concerns surrounding the competence of prospective buyers, make it an unwise decision. Instead, it is crucial to prioritise the welfare of the pregnant dog by providing her with a stable, nurturing environment and ensuring that she receives the appropriate care and support throughout her pregnancy, whelping, and beyond. This approach not only benefits the individual dogs involved but also contributes to the overall health and integrity of the breed.

Should you find out that the dog you are selling has fallen pregnant, please contact support@dogs.ie

4) Selling pregnant dogs on dogs.ie

It is not allowed to list a pregnant bitch for sale on dogs.ie. We automatically check ads for certain keywords to help identify ads that may be against our terms and conditions. For these reasons ads with pregnant bitches will be removed from the site.

Updated on June 10, 2023
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