Buying a puppy

Tips on buying dogs in Ireland

Over the last few years, there has been an explosion in the market for buying dogs in Ireland. Many people still get dogs from the various animal shelters around the country, but for people who want dogs with a pedigree, it normally means buying from a dealer. With any industry there are scrupulous people, and the dog industry is no different. We have seen the emergence of puppy farms in Ireland. These places often have poor conditions for the dogs and inbreeding can also occur. does not condone puppy farms.

Making sure it’s not a puppy farm

Normally it’s easy to spot when a dog is coming from a puppy farm, these dogs tend to me more shy, often malnourished and smaller for their age. Looking at the condition of their coat should tell you how healthy these puppies are. Signs of abuse, like scratches, open wounds, or infected scars are things that should set of alarm bells. When buying a puppy try to avoid getting them in the pet stores. Pet stores may be operating with the puppy farmers. Have a look in your local newspaper and see if there are any dogs available from private sellers, or better yet take a trip to your local animal shelter, there are many of these across Ireland.

What age should a dog be before take them from their mother

Puppies should be at least 8 weeks old before you separate them from their mothers. It is important that you don’t get a puppy before the age of 2 months, as in these days and weeks the puppy will learn important things from its mother. They learn social interaction between other dogs, hierarchy and how to play. Puppies also receive important nourishment and antibodies from their mothers via milk. From about 8 weeks puppies should be removed from their litter mates and should start to have human interaction. It is also advisable that you introduce puppies to young kids, but only in a supervised manner.

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