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Dogs.ie Partakes in Unleashed by Purina


dogs.ie Partakes in the Webinar “Let’s Talk About Pet Acquisition” to Address Ethical Considerations in Online Dog Sales. This talk was part of a series hosted by Unleashed by Purina https://www.unleashedbypurina.com/ , there were over 120 registered participants.

Cork, May 23rd 2023 – dogs.ie, a leading online platform for dog sales and adoption, participated in an informative webinar titled “Let’s Talk About Pet Acquisition.” The virtual event, held on Tuesday, May 23rd 2023, aimed to discuss the crucial ethical considerations involved in selling dogs online, while highlighting the significance of animal welfare, the role of consumer education, technological advancements, and community partnerships.

The webinar was moderated by Eyass Shakrah, (LinkedIn) an Co-founder of the Pet Media Group (https://www.petmediagroup.com/). Mr. Shakrah guided the discussion among the participants and posed a number of audience questions. The webinar shared real insights into the landscape of legal and other requirements for selling pets online.

David Bowles, (LikendIn) representing the RSPCA (https://www.rspca.org.uk/) (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) as Head of Public Affairs, actively participated in the discussion. His 30 years of experience and knowledge in animal welfare shed light on the importance of ethical practices when acquiring a pet. Mr. Bowles shared valuable insights into responsible breeding, adoption, and the flow of animal trade across Europe into the UK, as well as challenges with multiple microchipping databases.

Nathan Olivieri, (LinkedIn) CEO and Co-founder of RightPaw.com.au, provided invaluable input regarding the utilisation of technology to enhance the safety of selling dogs online, not just from the sale but throughout the lifetime of a dog. With the growing popularity of e-commerce, Mr. Olivieri emphasised the significance of health testing of dogs to ensure the well-being of dogs and their subsequent litters.

Topics covered during the webinar included ethical considerations for selling dogs online, animal welfare responsibilities, effective consumer education, the role of technology in enhancing the safety of online pet sales, fraud, and the importance of partnerships for all platforms. The participants engaged in thought-provoking discussions, exploring innovative solutions such as the VeriPet system. Paul Savage, Founder of Dogs.ie (LinkedIn), explained the VeriPet System, which is a two factor authentication to make sure that the information in the ad matches what’s on a microchip certificate and can only be placed by the person who has access to the verified contact details on the certificate.

dogs.ie expresses its sincere gratitude to Eyass Shakrah for moderating the event with utmost professionalism and expertise, facilitating an engaging and informative discussion among the participants, to Jeanne Chatelle & Kim Bill from Purina / Nestlé for hosting and co-ordinating the event. We would also like to extend its appreciation to David Bowles and Nathan Olivieri for their valuable contributions to the conversation.

About dogs.ie: dogs.ie is a leading online platform dedicated to connecting dog breeders and pet lovers seeking a lifelong companion. With a commitment to ethical practices, dogs.ie strives to ensure the well-being and happiness of dogs while promoting responsible pet ownership.

About Unleashed by Purina : Unleashed is the landmark petcare specific accelerator in Europe & Middle East designed to identify and support innovative startups leveraging technology to improve the lives of pets and their parents.

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Updated on May 24, 2023

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