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Online Puppy Trade made safer in Ireland

Date: Vienna, 26.08.2021

VeriPet from EuroPetNet.com was initially called PetSAFE when launched in 2021.

Dogs.ie was the first platform to integrate and launch the PetSAFE (VeriPet) system, adding a higher level of safety for online pet sales. The EuroPetNet VeriPet system incorporates 2-factor authentication into the process of advertising dogs and puppies for sale. Together with fido.ie we are able to offer this service to sellers of dogs who have their dogs registered with Fido.ie.

The EuroPetNet VeriPet Process

Here are steps in the 2-factor VeriPet process

  1. The seller enters the microchip number of the dog they intend to sell
  2. The seller enters the unique owners PIN that’s printed on their microchip certificate.
  3. This information is submitted to EuroPetNet VeriPet, and a one time passcode (OTP) is generated and sent to the contact details on the microchip certificate (Email and SMS messages are supported)
  4. The seller enters this OTP to independently confirm their ownership.
  5. The website includes the verification image below and a verification link for buyers to verify this data on Fido.ie.


  • If the ownership of the dog changes, the verification link becomes invalid.
  • Verification links expire after a certain number of days

Images / Logos

VeriPet Logo

Press Release

For immediate release

Source : Four-Paws.co.uk


Paul Savage’s classified ad site Dogs.ie is the first to implement the system, together with the Irish pet registry Fido. “My motivation to join this initiative derived from the need for better controls. We strive to provide a safer market for pets and consumers, it is close to difficult to differentiate if the ad is from a responsible breeder or an unscrupulous dealer“ says Savage, concluding “the validation of ads with registration data gives us the means to better monitor the market and efficiently inform the authorities about suspected illegal puppy dealers. Fido-validated ads will be highlighted. We hope all Irish pet registration databases join and provide their data to the ad checks, as Dogs.ie plans to ban advertisements that do not undergo the checks after the transition to the international PetSAFE system later in 2021, to fully comply with the project’s requirements.”  

Title: FOUR PAWS and Europetnet launch ‘PetSAFE’ / 26.8.2021

Read full article : Four-Paws.co.uk

Additional information

Update April 2022 : PetSAFE is now rebranded to EuroPetNet Veripet system

Updated on January 29, 2024
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