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Terms and Conditions

When posting an ad you accept the following terms and conditions. The complete terms and conditions are found at dogs.ie/terms. We have broken down the terms here also to make them a bit easier to read here also.

All information you post about your dog / litter is accurate to the best of your knowledge. 

You will only post dogs that you own, are in your possession and are legally allowed to sell. 

All dogs need to be posted with their microchip number. In Ireland, these microchips need to be listed on europetnet.com and registered with one of authorised Irish registries, Animark, Fido, The Irish Coursing Club or the Irish Kennel Club. In Northern Ireland dogs need to be on one of the 22 approved DEFRA databases.

Breeders & Registered Sellers

If you sell more than 6 dogs a year you need to be registered with the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine and post this in all your ads.

If you are a Dog Breeding Establishment, you will also need to show evidence of your license. For adding transparency we list the number of breeding bitches your license if valid for. There are three types of sellers of dogs on dogs.ie 

Terms and conditions for posting an ad

Here are our current terms that you are required to accept before posting an ad, these need to be accepted and satisfied before an ad can be published. Full terms and conditions can be seen at dogs.ie/terms

  1. Ads are non-refundable once published.
  2. Information. You will post actual photos of your dog(s) and accurate information about breed, age, etc. All dogs need to be physically in the Republic of Ireland and be in good health ‡.
  3. Ownership. You are the owner of the dog(s) and they are registered in your name (important). You will provide a microchip numbers for all dogs and you have copies of the microchip certificates.
  4. Microchips. Microchips are registered with one of the four of IKC, ICC, Fido or Animark and must to be visible on Europetnet.com  before ads are published. How to check your microchips .
  5. Age. Ads cannot be published until dogs are at least 7 weeks old. Legally puppies must be 8 weeks old before they can be sold and transferred to a new owner.
  6. In the case you are selling 6 or more dogs in a year you are legally required to register with the Department of Agriculture  to be a Registered Seller. This ID must be in all your ads.
  7. Anybody who has 6 or more female dogs over six months of age and capable of breeding must register under the Dog Breeding Establishment Act of 2010  with their local authority to be a Dog Breeding Establishment (DBE). This licence number must be in all your ads.
February 2023


There are a number of relevant laws that you as a seller of a dog should be aware of. The main one are.

Updated on February 7, 2024
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