Ad Statistics is the most popular dog website in Ireland. There are approximately 20,000 daily visitors looking to buy or sell dogs, or list or find a dog for stud. Over the past 10+ years we have helped find homes for over 10,000 dogs. 90% of our traffic is from Ireland, the rest is primarily made up of Northern Ireland, UK and European visitors. Over 85% of visitors visit on their mobile phones.

We believe in being open and transparent about the statistics of the website. You can find out more stats ad and you can read customer reviews at .

Ad statistics

There are 4 main statistics for your ad that are available to give you an idea of how popular your advert is. It is now possible to see:

  • how many times your ad has been viewed (displayed only to advert owners when logged in).
  • how many messages have been sent about your ad
  • how many times someone has clicked to see your phone number if it’s enabled [info]. Note: just because someone clicked to see your phone number, it doesn’t mean the call went through to you.
  • how many times your ad has been favourited by someone. [info]

These stats are displayed at the top of your ad page.

Ad stats on

How to see ad statistics

Ad stats are also view able on the Sale ad listing page at the bottom left of the listings on

Ad Stats – Views / Messages / Favourites

Note: Visitors only counts those users who have the Do Not Track option turned off on their devices. Furthermore the system only counts actual users, not search engines indexing the content or other robots πŸ€–. respects privacy first and foremost, and uses the minimum number of tracking cookies for login and statistics purposes.

View Ad statistics

Note: to view your ad stats simply view your ad when you are logged in.

Updated on June 29, 2023
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