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Most popular dog breeds in Ireland 🇮🇪

For many people, a dog is not just a pet, they are much more, a cherished member of the family. Choosing the right dog can be a big decision, and it’s important to consider not just appearance, but also temperament, energy level, and size. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most popular Irish dog breeds and the factors that may influence someone’s decision to go with a smaller or larger breed. Whether you’re a first-time dog owner or a seasoned pro, we hope this article will provide helpful insights as you navigate the process of choosing the perfect furry companion 🐶

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Every year approximately 90,000 dogs are microchipped & registered in Ireland [source], of this approximately 30,000 dogs are listed for sale on dogs.ie.,

This data is based on the number of ads posted from January 1st 2022 through December 31st 2022 on dogs.ie see below for details of what breeds most people are interested in.

#1 Labrador

Labradors were the number one dogs listed for sale in Ireland in 2022. Labrador (Retrievers) are a popular breed known for their intelligence, friendly personality, and adaptability. They are a medium to large breed, typically weighing between 25-36 kg and standing 55-62 cm tall at the shoulder. They are intelligent and easy to train, making them a popular choice for a variety of roles including service dogs, therapy dogs, and search and rescue. Labradors are also known to be good with children and make great family pets.

Find Labradors for sale.

#2 Golden Retriever

Coming up a close #2, are Golden Retrievers (Goldens). Golden Retrievers are a large breed of dog known for their intelligence, friendly personality, and love of water. They are a medium to large breed, typically weighing between 27-34 kg and standing 56-61 cm tall at the shoulder.

Find Golden Retrievers for sale.

#3 Jack Russell

Always a popular breed, Jack Russells are the perfect smaller dog. Jack Russell Terriers are a small breed of dog known for their energy, intelligence, and playful personality. They are a small breed, typically weighing between 5-7 kg and standing 25-30 cm tall at the shoulder.

Find Jack Russell dogs for sale.

On dogs.ie it’s simple to search for dogs based on size, be it a small dog, a medium sized dog or a larger dog.

#4 Cockapoo

Our first popular mixed breed dog, Cockapoos are a popular designer breed created by crossing a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle. They are known for their intelligence, playful personality, and low-shedding coat. Cockapoos come in a range of sizes depending on the size of the parent breeds.

  • Toy Cockapoos typically weigh between 5-8 kg and stand 25-30 cm tall at the shoulder
  • Miniature Cockapoos typically weigh between 8-10 kg and stand 30-35 cm tall at the shoulder.
  • Standard Cockapoos typically weigh between 10-15 kg and stand 35-45 cm tall at the shoulder.

Find Cockapoo dogs for sale.

#5 German Shepherd

German Shepherds are a large breed of dog known for their intelligence, loyalty, and strong work ethic. An adult German Shepherd typically weighs between 22-40 kg and standing 60-65 cm tall at the shoulder.

Find German Shepherd dogs for sale.

#6 French Bulldog

French Bulldogs (Frenchies) have always been a popular smaller dog in Ireland. French Bulldogs are a small to medium breed of dog known for their affectionate nature, playful personality, and bat-like ears. They typically weigh between 11-14 kg and stand 30-35 cm tall at the shoulder.

Find French Bulldog dogs for sale.

#7 Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniels have always been popular in Ireland. Prince William and Catherine, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have owned Cockers in the past.

Find Cocker Spaniel dogs for sale.

#8 Dachshund

A newly popular breed are the Dachshunds, they are a small breed of dog known for their long bodies and short legs. They come in three sizes: standard, miniature, and kaninchen (rabbit).

  • Standard Dachshunds typically weigh between 9-12 kg and stand 20-22 cm tall at the shoulder.
  • Miniature Dachshunds typically weigh between 5-7 kg and stand 20 cm or less at the shoulder.
  • Kaninchen Dachshunds are the smallest size, typically weighing less than 5 kg and standing less than 20 cm at the shoulder. Kaninchen is the German word for rabbit, but they are a bit bigger than that!

Find Dachshund dogs for  sale.

#9 Bichon Frise

Find Bichon Frise puppies for sale.

#10 Shih Tzu

Find Shih Tzu dogs for sale.

Most wanted breeds

People interested in dogs can sign up to get email alerts about new dogs being available. From a sample size of 590 users, these are the dog breeds they are most interest in. In all we have currently 109 breeds of dogs that people have registered interest in.

3Golden Retriever51
4Cavalier King Charles Spaniel38
8Cocker Spaniel29
10Goldendoodle –  Golden Retriever x Poodle27
590 dogs.ie subscribers / August 2023

Reasons for picking a certain breed

There are many reasons someone might chose a small or a large dog, one of the key ones is lifestyle. We explore this topic more in our article “what size dog should I get” and the pro’s and con’s for large and small breeds.

Questions on Irish dogs statistics

Should you be interested in learning more about this data, have further questions about it, or want to license any information here, please contact us www.dogs.ie/contact

Updated on August 14, 2023

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