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At what age can you advertise a puppy?

There is no legal stipulation for an age that you can advertise a puppy. The requirements state that a dog has to be microchipped and registered in one of the 4 Irish microchip databases before it can be advertised. To sell a dog, the dog has to be over 8 weeks old, but you are within your rights to advertise a dog it before that.

When can post an ad on dogs.ie?

Dogs.ie only publishes ads when the dog is 7 weeks or older*.

Note *: For dogs that will be 7 weeks on a Saturday or Sunday, these ads can go live when the dog is 6 weeks & 6 days (41 days old) or 6 weeks & 5 days (40 days old) respectively.

We do accept ads before the 7 week (42 day) mark, but we will not publish it before the dog is 7 weeks.

Advertising litters

Dogs.ie at this time does not allow litters to be advertised / announced, so dogs that are not yet born or dogs that are not microchipped and registered cannot be advertised. Some other UK websites like Champdogs do allow this. We have a typical timeline from birth to advertising to rehoming your dog that can help you plan out the first few weeks of your new puppies life before you sell them.

Advertising pregnant dogs

Dogs.ie, at this time, does not allow ads for pregnant bitches.

Imported litters

Litters that are imported to Ireland are subject to additional rules. These dogs will be older than the 7 or 8 weeks mark, they will generally be closer to the 16 week mark due to the requirements for rabies vaccinations and a required time after that before they can be transported. All dogs need to be physically in the country before they can be advertised for sale.

Guide to advertising

For more information about advertising you can view this article here “Guide to advertising on dogs.ie

Updated on December 10, 2022
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